Cephas Holding Corp is committed to developing and building businesses in the Bitcoin economy. We are focused on the promotion and marketing of bitcoin to the public through automated kiosks, enabling professionals to accept bitcoin in their businesses, and taking ownership in emerging bitcoin businesses.

We will soon change our name to Bitcoin Brands Inc.

Our shares trade under the symbol CEHC.

We are a reporting company with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

We are fully audited by a PCAOB member firm and incorporated in Delaware.

About Us

We believe that bitcoin will fundamentally change the way goods and services are paid for around the world.

Our company has been developing technology and payment products since 1997. We have often found ourselves at the intersection of consumer Internet, payments and mobile devices. Cephas has worked with world recognized celebrities, athletes, and companies. Our consumer payment endeavors were in association with Mastercard and Visa. We’ve had many outstanding partners including Motorola, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney, and Hewlett Packard.

Peter Klamka is our CEO. He has led several public companies in the past fifteen years. He is also active in early stage ventures.

We are publicly traded in the United States. Our financial statements are audited under PCAOB standards by the independent accounting firm of DKM Public Accountants. Shares of the company are administered by Corporate Stock Transfer. Our team is committed to shareholder transparency.


We operate The Bitcoin Vending Network. The Network is designed for entrepreneurs, retailers, and commercial landlords to offer bitcoin directly to their customers.

Our goal is to be a leader in automated bitcoin distribution solutions which offer easy access to bitcoin. We anticipate that bitcoin vending and ATMs will facilitate rapid adoption of bitcoin by the general public.

We see opportunities in the international remittance markets via automated bitcoin machines. Machines can vend bitcoin that can be sent anywhere in the world via smart phone in a matter of minutes and for significantly less than traditional methods such as Western Union.

We envision that entrepreneurs will be able to develop bitcoin vending routes in shopping malls, bars and restaurants, clinics, dispensaries and universities. Automated bitcoin distribution allows retailers to capture additional foot traffic as consumers continue to seek out offline bitcoin buying opportunities.

The Bitcoin Vending Network provides hardware, leasing and financing, and marketing support.

We also own and manage our own bitcoin vending terminals as well. We intend to establish a national presence of automated bitcoin distribution through our network and company owned machines.

We offer a payment solution for medical businesses called BitMD. Our focus is on markets such as medical marijuana, mental health professionals, laboratory services requiring discretion, medical tourism and any other sensitive transaction.

Are you aware that your consent is not required to disclose information from your medical files if it is made in connection with payment? A collection agency seeking an unpaid medical bill, a discovery request in a divorce or lawsuit and under certain circumstances the police or other law enforcement may be able to access your medical bills.

While bitcoin is not anonymous, it can be completely private when purchasing anything including medical services. The identity of a user behind bitcoin addresses can remain unknown indefinitely.

For providers, bitcoin is fast, secure, less expensive than credit card processing and has no risk of chargebacks.


We are actively seeking to invest and partner with other Bitcoin entrepreneurs. Ideally, you will be based in or near New York City but location is not necessarily a deal breaker. We seek to invest as little as $1,000 and up to $25,000 in financing rounds of other digital currency enterprises.

We don’t want special or controlling interests in accelerator companies. We won’t ask for a board seat or for any uncommon investor rights. We will supply as much of our expertise and assistance.

We will also consider locating bitcoin machines on a partnership basis as part of our accelerator efforts. If you have a great location, we have likely have an automated bitcoin solution for it.

We participate in peer to peer lending of bitcoin and bitcoin mining as part of this program.


Press Inquiries: media@bitcoinbrandsinc.com  CUSIP: 1561 18 207 Exchange: OTC Markets

 Reporting Status: SEC Reporting Audited Fiscal Year End: December 31

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